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Education Stalwarts 2022 | Mr. Tanveer Ahmed, CEO of Mitra Academy and Little Flower Public School, Bengaluru| Leaders in Education

A great visionary, an accomplished academician, an intellectual mentor and an inspiring leader

Mr. Tanveer Ahmed, CEO of two prestigious educational institutions in Bengaluru- Little Flower Public School and Mitra Academy, was born into a very respectable family of entrepreneurs, philanthropists and altruists, who firmly believe that the secret to living is giving and that real meaning in life never comes from what you get, it comes from what you give.

An Alumnus of Bishop Cottons Boys High School and Eberly College of Business, Indiana University of Pennsylvania in USA, Mr. Ahmed honed his business skills with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration [MBA], augmenting the knowledge and skills gained while earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering [B.E.] from PES Institute of Technology. He brings in a unique combination of management strategies into academics by equipping himself with a blend of Masters in Business Administration and Bachelor in Education [B.Ed.] and is presently pursuing his Masters of Arts in Education [MAEDU]. 

His corporate exposure as a Financial Business Analyst with KPMG, New Jersey, USA, combined with Teaching Credentials as Visiting Faculty at IUP-PES. Mr. Ahmed is bestowed with a unique combination of dynamic entrepreneurism and strategic management. He took the decision to break free from all the attractions of a plush job and plunge into the field of education in 2010, pursuing specialisation in education and transforming himself into an Edupreneur.

It is no surprise that Mr. Tanveer Ahmed followed the path well laid out by his father, Mr. Iqbal Ahmed, a doyen in the field of education who personifies nobility and virtuousness. Mr. Iqbal Ahmed is the founder chairman of the flagship enterprise Little Flower Public School and Mitra Academy and has been instrumental in ensuring the imparting of quality education from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade X schooling.

Still in his prime, Mr. Ahmed, in less than a decade, has already carved a niche for himself in the realm of school education through sheer dint of diligence, commitment, relentless pursuit of excellence and people-management skills. Steeped in virtuous qualities instilled in him from his childhood, Mr. Tanveer Ahmed has won the hearts of all the stakeholders with his equitable and transparent approach.

Seeing himself as an educationist, mentor to educators, change agent to the transformation of formal education to experiential learning and initiator of introducing technology in school education, Mr. Ahmed can be credited with creating the paradigm shift of philosophy in the schools, which he manages with invigorating passion.

Being focussed on redefining education, Mr. Ahmed believes in reforming education using technology. He exhibits a rare union of knowledge and ideas, ambition and imagination, hard work and joy. The progression of the institutions over the years is a testimony to his success.

He strongly believes that “Excellence is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skilful execution.”

“Great lives are built on the foundation of happiness” and Mr. Ahmed has left no stone unturned to provide a happy, friendly, safe and secure learning environment which in turn has created a lasting impact on his students and staff. This has been the edifice on which his success has been founded, thereby reiterating the school’s mottos of “Duty Discipline Dedication” and “Mitratva- friendship forever.”

Mr. Ahmed’s dream is to create a globally benchmarked school where every child is happy and learning is joyful, while simultaneously instilling human values and ensuring every child walks out with knowledge and character. 

Mr. Ahmed sees education as a fundamental tool for the social, economic and personal development of every child. Knowing that knowledge acquisition is of paramount importance as is character and personality, Mr. Ahmed adopted the concept of Holistic Parenting in his institutions where all stakeholders have a significant and an inclusive role to play.

With a thrust on student-centric teaching-learning approach as against the traditional teacher-centric focus, Mr. Ahmed made it mandatory for his teachers to realise the importance of mindfulness to students, by helping them to inculcate the habit of paying close attention to the present moment or complete focus on whatever they are doing, through closely monitored hands-on activities.

He is of the strong opinion that learning styles vary on an individual basis and effective teaching includes an engaging classroom presence, value in real-world learning, exchange of best practices and a lifelong love for learning.

Mr. Ahmed aims to integrate contemporary learning and life skills with time tested traditional values, so as to align the competencies of children to the ever dynamic yet demanding and ever changing global scenario, and to empower students to make meaningful decisions in their lives.  

The pandemic thrust the online teaching model on all educational institutions. Many perished, some held on for a little while, some chugged along and only a handful stood apart. Mitra Academy and Little Flower Public School pioneered this to perfection, making the stakeholders proud. While many institutions outsourced this activity and left the academic team to face the war, Mr. Ahmed made the difference here with his painstaking research of Google, assimilating things and personally imparting vigorous training to the teaching fraternity making them confident to rise and excel to the situation and taking the online teaching experience to a different level, unparalleled to others.

A philanthropist, Mr. Tanveer Ahmed has engaged himself individually and collectively through his institutions for the upliftment and betterment of the underprivileged and economically backward strata of society, through various avenues. He is also an active Rotarian working for similar causes through the Rotary Club. His vision of making India better through quality education echoes through the corridors continuously reverberating that ‘happiness’ and ‘positivity’ have to co-exist to reach the goal of excellence in education.

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