Stalwarts 2022

Education Stalwarts 2022 | Harinder Chhabra, Director of The Infinity School, Noida Extension | Leaders in Education

A school is an ecosystem where a lot of individuals come together with a shared vision around what they want to achieve together and how they want to get there. To realize that vision, consistent implementation of the school’s best practices is required along with living by the school’s core values. Unless there is cohesion in everyone’s approach, a school cannot succeed. Therefore, a school shall always be a collective effort and cannot be driven by just one person or a small group of people.

We, as a leadership team, have built an organisational culture that allows a judgement-free environment where people can express themselves freely. This helps bring out new ideas and identify people who think differently and provide creative solutions to the challenges of the organization.

We strive to create a balance between delegation and support. This helps expand capacity of people. We also provide them with opportunities to showcase their skills at a higher level than they currently work at, which provides them a glimpse into their own readiness to take on more responsibility.

I believe in a simple philosophy of being what you want your team to be. So, I try to lead by example.

At The Infinity School, we have a very simple strategy which is to provide our students with a child-centric ecosystem where every stakeholder works towards putting each of our students on the path to success. This is our unwavering commitment and that was only accentuated during the last two years.

Our school’s name is gaining salience in the community that we operate in. The reason for this is that we have more than thousands of believers. Our entire team, our parents and our students are proud to be part of the institution we are building together.

As a school, we have received various awards over the last three years. All of these awards were received physically by the members of school leadership team and not just by me. You can think of me as an evangelist who is on a crusade to spread the message about the importance of holistic, skill-based education and showcase our school’s good work as a testament to that approach.

Teachers always want to work for the child. And nothing motivates them more than the feeling they get when they see that everyone else in the school is working with them to achieve the same purpose. Having said that, we also need to look after the aspirations of our staff. As a school, we have a ‘staff first’ philosophy. We provide our team members with a great work culture where everyone lives by the core values of the school which are Care, Excellence, Collaboration, and Integrity. The leadership team of the school acts as role models for everyone to follow. We do engage with our teachers openly to ensure the alignment of our respective purposes.

In the culture of our school, we all inspire each other. Each member of our team brings with himself/herself unique experiences and perspectives that add to the overall wisdom of the school. I prefer that our organization should always be led by a common purpose that each one of us tries to achieve, than a person or a group of people.

One of the common traits of all our team members is that we are solution-oriented. This was exemplified during the pandemic. Every time we faced a challenge, we focused our energies on finding possible solutions to it. This has held us in good stead. A school exists from its people who’re bound by a single purpose they work together to achieve.

I’d like to tell the upcoming professionals in the field of education that providing high-quality education requires a long-term commitment to the cause of student centricity and ‘staff first’ approach. Define the right purpose and core values of your organization and then focus on living by them daily. Collaboration and collective thinking are the keys as a lone individual can’t solve all problems by himself/herself.

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