Shwetha Sumanth – Adelie International Preschool |Effective Principals 2023

Why are children more creative than adults?

Children are often said to be more creative than adults, and for good reason. Creativity is the ability to think and behave in a way that is different from the norm, and as children are less exposed to the norms of society, they can express themselves in more imaginative and
inventive ways.

Children are also more open-minded and less likely to fear failure, so they are more likely to explore new ideas and take risks. This allows them to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems.

In addition, adults often become more rigid in their thinking as they get older, which can limit their ability to be creative. Adults are also more likely to be influenced by the opinions of others, which can lead them to be less likely to pursue creative ideas.

Finally, children are more in touch with their emotions, which can fuel their creativity. Children often think more intuitively and express themselves more freely, which can lead to more creative ideas and solutions.

Overall, children are more creative than adults because they are less inhibited by the norms of society, more open-minded and less fearful of failure, and more in touch with their emotions. These factors combine to create a more fertile ground for creative ideas to emerge.

Children also possess an innate curiosity and eagerness to learn which drives their creativity. Children explore their environment, ask questions, and make observations which lead to new ideas and solutions. They are also more likely to take risks and experiment with creative solutions to problems.

Adults, on the other hand, are constrained by the need to conform to societal norms and expectations. They often feel pressure to stay within their comfort zone and can become jaded by the same approaches being used over and over. Adults also tend to be more rigid in
their thinking and have difficulty entertaining ideas that are outside of their existing frame of reference.

In addition, adults often have life experiences that lead to a greater understanding of the consequences of their actions. This can limit their willingness to take risks and try new things. Children, however, have fewer life experiences, so they are less afraid of the unknown
and more willing to explore new ways of doing things.

Ultimately, children are more creative than adults because they are more open to exploring the unknown, have fewer inhibitions, and are more willing to take risks. These qualities enable them to think more freely, come up with innovative solutions, and express themselves
without fear.

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