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Education Stalwarts 2021 | Dr. Ram Mohan, Principal of Suditi Global Academy/Suditi Educational Group | Leaders in Education

Dr. Ram Mohan, Principal of Suditi Global Academy/Suditi Educational Group, one of the top Leaders in Education is with EducationToday sharing his experience.

Born into a modest family in the village MeghaKheri in Muzaffarnagar (U.P.), my father, Late Shri Sukhveer Singh and mother Late Smt. Dilawari Devi, have always had the greatest influence on my life; they have been my role models. It is because of their motivation, guidance and unflinching faith in my abilities that led me to this illuminated path of being an educationist. Although extremely simple, my parents had a great foresight and vision. Suditi Global Academy is the outcome of their blessings and support.

I completed my initial education in the village school, while at the same time I spent my adolescence grazing cattle and working painstakingly in the field. My hunger for education was instrumental in accomplishment of my academic and professional achievements. I completed my M. Sc., M. Ed., Ph. D. and D. Lit., with a gold medal in post-graduation in Mathematics.

My career took off as a ground duty officer in the Indian Air Force, but it was my inclination towards education that led me to eventually resign from the IAF to join a residential school in Meerut. I joined the ‘Electra Vidyapeeth’ as PGT Maths where I later became the Head of Department. In a short span of time, due to my sincere endeavours and dedication, I was honoured with numerous awards, the most cherished being the ‘Best House Master’ and ‘The Best Teacher’ award presented by Hon’ble Shri Lal Krishna Advaniji.

In 1994, I joined Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Modinagar as a Principal and in three years, I was awarded as ‘The Best Principal by Maharishi Shikshan Sansthan for my sincere efforts in taking the school to zenith. I soon had the opportunity to serve ‘Saint Vivekanand Senior Secondary Public School, Etawah as Director Principal.

It was in the year 2009 that I resigned from this post and took a leap towards the fulfillment of my dreams. I laid the foundation of Suditi Educational Group, which includes four schools with the name Suditi Global Academy, at Mainpuri, Etawah, Auraiya, Jaswant Nagar & Firozabad. All these schools provide a congenial, positive and enthusiastic school climate, and support and nurture school life with state of the art techniques. 

When I look back at the road I travelled or the journey I made to reach where I am today, I remember a lot of moments that are refreshing and bring a smile on any face. There are numerous incidents and events in life which have had a great impact on me.

My childhood, my college days, my success, my failures have all influenced me in some way to shape me into what I am today.

There was an incident when I wanted to enter a school gate but the guard stopped me from doing so. It pained me so much that I promised myself that one day I will prove my worth and earn recognition. I guess this incident triggered me towards the achievement of my passion. I later joined the school as a faculty and the same guard saluted me. 

Likewise, there have been moments of pride and achievements when I was honoured and awarded and every time I received recognition, it made me more humble and motivated me to strive harder for excellence.

Education, I believe, is of vital importance in the social fabric. During the course of my journey, I came across several bitter experiences relating to the shortcomings in the education sector. The foremost being its unequal accessibility to the masses. A large number of primary schools have poor infrastructure, and do not have even the basic facilities like drinking water and clean washrooms. Numerous schools are without a single instructor. Higher Education is expensive and hence totally out of reach of the poor or middle classes. All these factors lead to a higher dropout rate. Poverty, illiteracy and an increase in the number of educated jobless people are of great concern today.

This situation perturbed me a lot. I would often envision to lay the foundation of a school where education is accessible to all irrespective of their financial status. Today I run my institutions on a ‘no profit and no loss’ criteria. I vowed to bestow quality education to all children and I am glad that my dream has become a reality. Also, rendering quality education to the girl child has been my priority. Suditi Global Academy in Mainpuri has made this possible by offering free education to girls. 

I owe every success to my parents. They have been my mentors throughout. It’s their love, compassion and strong values which have been a great influence in giving roots and wings to me. Also, Late Shri Madan Lal Yadav (Founder of St. Vivekanand School, Etawah) has been a true guide and torch bearer in my professional life. My success would mean nothing if I don’t mention my wife, Dr. Kusum Mohan. She is the Principal of Suditi Global Academy, Mainpuri. Right from the very beginning, she has been my constant supporter. We make a great team. 

I must also mention the unflinching support of my staff members. It is their hard-work and dedication due to which the Suditi Education Group has been able to make a mark in the education sector. Their role and contribution is priceless. My staff is my extended family.

I have been the recipient of a number of awards through the course of my journey. Some of them include the Best house Master and the Best teacher award by Hon’ble Lal Krishna Adwani (BJP Senior Leader), Best Principal Award by Maharishi ShikshanSansthan, “Excellence in Education” award by Mr. Bachchi Singh Rawat (Hon’bleState Minister of Govt. of India) for Science & Technology, “Indira Gandhi Excellence Award” in 2005 by Shri Auskar Farnandij (Hon’ble Cabinet Minister), “Excellence in Education” award by Shri Arjun Singh (Hon’ble HRD Minister), “Indira Gandhi Harmony Gratitude Gold Medal” award by Shri Ram NaikJi (UP Governor Manniya), “The Education Icon Of The Year 2020” by EducationToday, and the “C.B.S.E. Teacher Award” 2016-17 by Hon’ble Shri Upendra Kushwaha (Central Education State Minister, Govt. of India) in the presence of Ms Anita Karwal (Chairman C.B.S.E.) & Mr. AnuragTripathi (Secretary, C.B.S.E.). 

My message to all the upcoming professionals in this noble field is to be passionate about your work. Be a motivator, and give your students to take home something to think about besides homework.

As an educator and Director of Suditi Global Academy, Mainpuri, I am continuously trying to kindle the divine flame of Spiritual Knowledge for the less privileged, while giving them a platform to learn and grow, and become compassionate human beings in the years to come. The objective of our school is to create socially aware and morally strong future citizens who are responsible and empathetic towards their fellow beings.

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