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Shri Vasant Gajera has become the Synonym of pro-existence, the human responsibility very few successful people realize and respond. He is truly an Industrialist with a human face and of course, a great Philanthropist. teacher is like a compass, activating the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in their pupils. Here at Gajera Global School, we commend our teachers for providing an enriching, supportive, and fun-filled learning environment that sparks the desire to acquire knowledge in every child. Our faculty is made up of well-educated, articulate, enthusiastic, and dynamic professionals who understand the true purpose of education – to empower each student to become a lifelong learner and an independent thinker, rather than just achieve good grades. At Gajera Global School, teachers are co-learners with their students on the journey of education. They ensure that teaching is a disciplined, yet enjoyable, activity. Our teachers are innovative and creative, acting as beacons of inspiration to our students. To keep our faculty in the learning mode and abreast of the latest teaching trends and methodology, we regularly provide professional development training programs and workshops. This constant upgrading of skills ensures that our teachers remain competent and effective in the classroom.


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