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T. N. Rao School for Girls believes in imparting values, enthusiasm, and creativity to seek excellence through high-quality educational endeavours. The CBSE school is divided into two large buildings:- Saraswati and Sharda. The school is located just beside Saurashtra University and is surrounded by a lush green environment. We Impart Quality Education Through Art We include art in every aspect of our teaching. At T. N. Rao, we understand that art and art forms such as music, dance and drama have played a crucial role in uplifting society. Hence, we provide different opportunities for our students to carve a niche for themselves. Art also helps to develop individuals in different cultures and backgrounds. Learning through art also helps in interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills, observational skills, and developing inquisitiveness. We also enable them to foster both emotional quotient and intelligent quotient.


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