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NITTE International School is one of the Best CBSE schools in Bangalore. The aim of the school is to achieve observable, measurable, specific, and quantifiable results among all the students. The vision of the school is to provide value-based education to students and provide a dynamic learning environment for their students. The faculty of NITTE International School is very experienced that provides supervision to all students so that they endeavor for excellence through active learning. The systematic, simple registration and admission process is what makes the school one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore. The NITTE International School is a co-ed CBSE school. The curriculum of the school is modified and updated regularly. The school provides an education that is holistic in nature and has a practical touch in it which help children to learn how to tackle real-life challenges. The school provides education from pre-primary till 12th grade. Pre-primary School- The school provides education to pre-primary kids. The education is based on the play-way Montessori method which is the tool for the overall development of a child. The school help children to be creative and help them to develop their imagination, cognitive, physical ability, and dexterity. Primary School– The curriculum of primary school at NITTE International School has a more structured phase of schooling. The school encourages the development of a personalized learning environment by providing a warm and caring environment. While preparing for the course the main focus is on the CBSE curriculum and NEP. Students work in small groups so that their interests and inherent abilities can be reflected. Middle School- Middle school is a crucial stage as it is a transitory stage between primary and higher secondary. The school provides the choice not only in subjects but also in co-curricular activities that enable an interdisciplinary approach to academics. The school encourage the student to do research-based activities and also to carry out the project independently. Higher Secondary- The higher secondary program of NITTE International School aims not only to meet the academics need but also the social and emotional needs of the children. The school offers a program that helps in social interaction, academic excellence, cultural understanding, and lifelong learning. Due to all this, the school comes under the best CBSE School in Bangalore North. The address of the NITTE International School is No.12, Myllappanahalli, Yelahanka, Bangalore North. The Pin code of the school is 560064.


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Varun Mallige Bramhananda – 2023-09-20

1. Academic Reputation: The school has one of the best academic reputations with students well in tests and design pattern is very good and well defined. 2.Curriculum: Curriculam is very well defined with good amalgamation of sports, extra curricular and subjects. 3. Extra Curricular Activites: I have seen one the best perfomances and school encourages all the activites including India festivals combined with science and others. Projects are very subject oriented. 4. Class Size and Teacher: Teac

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