About School
Kamla Nehru Public School was established in 1987, under the Educational Group “Kamla Nagar Shikshan Sanstha” registered with the Government of Madhya Pradesh in the same year. The school started its journey with the Primary Classes and in due course of time and dedicated efforts the school evolved into full-fledged Higher Secondary School. And since 2006Kamla Nehru Higher Secondary School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (Affiliation Number: 1030254) till March 2026 and has obtained NOC from State Govt. in 2005. KNHSS has grown by leaps and bounds to take its place among the top schools in Bhopal. KNHSS is a co-educational school which offers classes from nursery upwards, providing a blend of academic, sporting, cultural, and artistic activities, which contributes to giving our students a world-class education with lifelong benefits. The school follows CBSE curriculum and make use of modern teaching techniques achieved through smart classrooms, laboratories and state-of-the-art facilities and systems. The school has adopted the play-way method of instruction, with child-oriented system. Teaching and learning happens in a caring and purposeful environment. We believe every child is unique and needs individual attention to help channelize his/her energies. Our effective teaching process with a dedicated excellent faculty chosen for their strong character besides academic excellence inspires confidence, perfection, and honesty in the students by personal example. "We thus strive to maintain a high educational standard with traditional values".
Additional Details
  • Minimum Entry Age :- 3
  • School Provide Meals ? :- N/A
  • Air condition Class ? :- N/A
  • CCTV Surveillance ? :- Yes
  • Day Boarding ? :- Yes
  • Teacher Student Ratio :- N/A
  • Total Seats at Entry Level Grade :- 65
  • Total School Strength :- 2000
  • Average No of students per class :- 65
  • Total No. of Teachers (All Class) :- 80
  • Fire Safety :- Yes
  • School has Strong Room ? :- Yes
  • School has Wifi Enabled ? :- N/A
  • Total No. of Playground ? :- 2
  • Total No. of Rooms ? :- 70
  • No. of Laboratories. :- 4
  • No. of Lift elevator. :- 6
  • Total No of computers. :- 80
  • No. of Activity room. :- 10
  • School has clinic facilities ? :- N/A
  • School has Gymnasium ? :- No
  • Total Area of School ? (Sq) :- 85000
  • Total area of playground ? (sq) :- 15000
  • Total No. of Library ? :- 2
  • No. of Auditorium. :- 1
  • No. of Digital Classroom. :- 10
  • Total No. of Buses Owned. :- 15
  • Transport Facility :- Yes
Admission Details
  • Admission Process :- Online / Offline
  • Start Date :- 2023-03-01
  • Facility to do online admission process :- Yes
  • Admission Open :- Yes
  • End Date :- 2023-04-30
  • Facilty to Pay admission fee online :- Yes
  • Admission Page Link :-
Fee Details
  • Admission Fee :- 20000
  • Annual Fee :- 90000
  • Transport Fee :- 12000
  • Others Fee :- 10000
Vision and Leadership
School Vision

To transmute students into worthy global citizens, who bring joy and help to their country, city and family through their exemplary human values and knowledge-turned-skills. Imparting result oriented quality education by implementing innovative methods & modern technologies from Primary to Higher Secondary.


Dear Parents, Home prepares the child for future battles of life. Parental love and affection act as a protective shield while proper guidance at school provides the ammunition. A child's success or failure in life depends largely upon these vital determinants. Most of the values and behaviour patterns are initiated at home: the school environment merely establishes them firmly and permanently. Whenever I walk through the nearby forest nursery and look at the little saplings growing safely under big shady trees, I am reminded of my nursery schools. The 'Young saplings' if provided fertile soil and favourable environment, can grow into tall, strong, verdant tress. An unfavourable climate turns them into warped, dead wood. Schools with comfortable buildings, plenty of educational and recreational facilities delight all children. In addition to providing children with opportunities for all round development, they also imbibe them with a sense of belonging and pride. With lofty aim of establishing such a school, Kamla Nagar Educational Institute, Kamla Nagar, Bhopal had established 'Sunshine Kindergarten' and 'Kamla Nehru Higher Secondary School'. In order to translate the above objective into practicable reality, an appropriate state-of-art infrastructure had been devised. This system is run and supported by person of proven integrity, experience and expertise. We assure you a better and brighter future for your wards.

Kamla Nehru Higher Secondary School
Mahendra N. Singh
Kamla Nehru Higher Secondary School
Mrs. Anita Bajpai

We have a dream: Imagine a society where people are self-regulating and act with empathy towards each other where teams believe that working together is a synergistic experience and where pupils understand that their intelligence is not fixed but that learning can occur all through life. We have created an extremely extensively researched system for education reform, for maximizing human potential and more importantly our potential as a nation. Children you have gone beyond limitations and exceeded potential. You have scaled many peaks in your life from crawling you learnt to walk, from gibberish you learnt to talk, learnt to make friends, do teamwork, read-write, play, paint, dance, sing, search the internet, cook, do gardening, respect others, imbibe your culture and the list goes on and on. These all practices have helped you to hone your personality to become the incomparable gem that you are. There will be many more milestone in your journey towards discovery the real potential and uniqueness in you and everything in that list is achievable and it all begins with one belief; 'I can do it'. Children you need to be adroit, non-routine analysts and adept at non-routine interpersonal relationship. A creative future of your own making decorated with values and competencies awaits you, therefore armed with the knowledge of all your inimitable capabilities proceed forward to meet the aim. At Kamla Nehru Higher Secondary School, we are committed to awakening human potential in every child. The proposed paradigm shift delivers an educational ecosystem that makes this commitment to be fulfilled in this ecosystem. We have an educational framework and environment that integrates critical cognitive competencies and knowledge such that all our students become self-reliant and highly effective in collaboration and interdependent social relationships. Our students analyse their learning and decision-making, welcome challenges and encourage mistakes as learning experience. They have the liberty to create multiple ideas around situations and the capacity to create and apply optimal solutions. We are here to felicitate an awakening of a child's true human potential. We strive towards a better educational system by building a learning space that lets the child Blossom. Our focus is on pedagogy, curriculum design and teaching methods that help bring out the human potential in every child. Kamla Nehru School is committed to inspiring a global movement to awaken the extraordinary human potential in every child in his or her formative years of schooling. It is our firm belief that any great practice must also be backed by strong team. Our teachers, students and like-minded partners are working closely to validate and strengthen our mission in field of education. This mission is a movement which called upon every stakeholder - every teacher, every parents, every educator and everyone who has a role to play in the development of a child to join hands together for a contribution in the field of education and to bring out the human excellence in every child.


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