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The Ch.Charan Singh Memorial Educational Society came into existence to guide and help unchannelised youths to lead them in a right place. Ch. Charan Singh Memorial Society has been engaged for last 27 years in education field. Society has several professional colleges located in dehradun where student seek admission for all parts of india & Nepal. Doon valley international school is the latest brain child of Ch. Charan Singh Memorial Society. This is co-educational school and affiliated to CBSE Board. Society is headed by Ch. Dariyav Singh with dynamic foresight has brought society to new heights. He has been awarded various awards for his efforts in field of education. We believe that the school environment determines the future that a child would get exposed to in the formative years. The management is willing to go the extra mile to build a conducive environment for the students to foster a strong character and an unflinching fortitude in reaching their life goals. The atmosphere in school helps children develop a desire to learn more and inculcates a sense of community that permits them to express their personal opinions within the framework of society. Our school is dedicated to the noble motive of molding the next generation to be responsible, educated, empathetic, capable, disciplined, and value-driven. The management would be more than happy to know if they can do anything more for students’ multifaceted and comprehensive development and exposure. We believe in inculcating a culture of learning where students understand the concepts rather than mugging up answers for the sake of marks, which will eventually do more harm than good. This best school in Dehradun encourages participation from parents where they can put forward helpful and productive ideas. The lesson plans are tailored to the topic, but at the same time, the interaction between students and teachers across diverse fields related to the subject/topic of study is highly encouraged. The lesson plans also include hands-on experience wherever it seems appropriate.


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