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ABOUT US Doon World School was a project that was envisaged to provide a healthy environment for children to nurture them, cognitively, artistically, and aesthetically. Doon World School not only aims at providing the best education for their children but also believes in imbibing the right values and culture that shall enable them to become better citizens tomorrow. At Doon World School, our curriculum is designed in a way that ignites the mind of every child. We aim in generating vibrant energy in our kids towards building a better and brighter future for the country and the world. We equally aim at creating an atmosphere that is cohesive for children, that’s why we come in the list of top 5 CBSE schools in Dehradun where they grow and learn with experiences to face the challenges thrown by the outside world- their surroundings, family, friends, and peers. Is an effort to provide in a direction that would create change in Our attitude towards children Creating awareness about latest research Making learning measures interesting and valuable A child’s growth and developement Buliding and increasing confidence level Sense of responsibility Expressing their creative selves and have better opportunities ahead Facing the competitive world ” When planning for a year plant a core, when planning for a decade, plant tree, when plannning for life educate people.”


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