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The Iira International School Vadodara is about the spirit, morals and ethics of India. The spirit, that makes human beings humane, pervades the school, moulding scholars and sportsmen to steer India in its path of progress. A revolutionary, futuristic and tranquil institution away from the monotonous teaching patterns nurtures an ideal educational environment for both students and teachers. A blend of tradition and modernity, this institution has hues of performance and excellence which imparts a natural impetus towards a quest for excellence in all spheres of life. With the essence of serenity and social interest we, the Iira International School Vadodara is here to engrave the young minds with noble virtues and global perspective. In the cultural capital of Gujarat, Vadodara our efforts to refurbish the learning scheme started in the year 2009. Since then we have made our students embrace the new techniques and ideas of discovering new folds each day. IIRA Foundation Iira Foundation for Education and Development commonly referred as Iira Foundation is a faction of individuals who strive to implement change for the better in the age old industry of education. The developmental change is engraved parallel to the need of the hour marching towards ideal future. We are a group of self driven motivated leaders who share a dream of providing a platform for innovation and change, development and improvement. Our members have spent a substantial time and resources in improving the society by their professional contributions. And iira international school is a sprout in their soil. Apart from education, this association is made to offer superlative environment for pursuit of a variety of programs in the field of social service, health care, services and manufacturing for upgrading the standard of living.


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