About School
Doon has the best infrastructure in Bhubaneswar, Eastern India, which can accommodate the needs and requirements, the interests and hobbies of every child. The importance we give on the right kind of infrastructure comes from our core belief that “every child is special”- every child needs a special kind of an environment to develop his/her persona. Doon has state-of-the-art classrooms, enabled with the latest technological tools to aid the learning process in your child. But no classroom is complete if it doesn’t have the right kind of teachers who understand the mindset and curiosities of the child. We at Doon, have the best faculty members to help children learn better and more effectively. Doon provides all sorts of sports and games facilities which are enhancing their sports skills and physical fitness to support their learning. With the help of our expert sports coaches, we are able to inculcate in them a feeling of sportsmanship, team spirit, self-discipline and leadership quality.
Additional Details
  • Minimum Entry Age :- 3
  • School Provide Meals ? :- N/A
  • Air condition Class ? :- N/A
  • CCTV Surveillance ? :- Yes
  • Day Boarding ? :- Yes
  • Teacher Student Ratio :- N/A
  • Total Seats at Entry Level Grade :- 65
  • Total School Strength :- 2500
  • Average No of students per class :- 65
  • Total No. of Teachers (All Class) :- 95
  • Fire Safety :- Yes
  • School has Strong Room ? :- Yes
  • School has Wifi Enabled ? :- Yes
  • Total No. of Playground ? :- 2
  • Total No. of Rooms ? :- 85
  • No. of Laboratories. :- 8
  • No. of Lift elevator. :- 10
  • Total No of computers. :- 120
  • No. of Activity room. :- 15
  • School has clinic facilities ? :- Yes
  • School has Gymnasium ? :- Yes
  • Total Area of School ? (Sq) :- 125000
  • Total area of playground ? (sq) :- 35000
  • Total No. of Library ? :- 3
  • No. of Auditorium. :- 2
  • No. of Digital Classroom. :- 15
  • Total No. of Buses Owned. :- 25
  • Transport Facility :- Yes
Admission Details
  • Admission Process :- Online / Offline
  • Start Date :- 2023-03-01
  • Facility to do online admission process :- Yes
  • Admission Open :- Yes
  • End Date :- 2023-04-30
  • Facilty to Pay admission fee online :- Yes
  • Admission Page Link :-
Fee Details
  • Admission Fee :- 75000
  • Annual Fee :- 350000
  • Transport Fee :- 50000
  • Others Fee :- 35000
Vision and Leadership
School Vision

We at DIS pledge to provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities required to become effective users of information, productive members of the community, and active lifelong learners. Also, to enrich students’ lives daily with truth, freedom of expression, and academic excellence.


I am pleased to share with you Doon International School, Bhubaneswar a franchise of Doon International School Dehradun. A School is indeed the foundation of an individual’s life. It is the sacred area where a child’s emotional and intellectual quotient is drawn. Students practice and play, learn and live and build the foundations of their life. We at Doon International School are committed to giving each one of our students an education and a learning experience of a lifetime. Here, we go beyond the boundaries of books and trek the unseen. We inspire and enthuse, encouraging young minds to think, question and imagine. In the friendly atmosphere and comfort of our classrooms, we strive to make learning a joyous experience and a process that every child looks forward to. The first time one steps onto this marvellous complex with every facility that a modern-day school can offer, one realizes that this is an institute run by an administration which truly believes in the holistic development of children. The school offers students an environment to learn beyond textual facts and an experience to last a lifetime. Education is not only about academics. Academic Excellence is important- but so are sports, arts, crafts, dramatics, music and dance. Each child is different, an individual. Schooling should be about independent development of each child to focus on identifying latent talent (through VISION) and encouraging it (through DILIGENCE) to achieve EXCELLENCE.

Doon International School
Sarat Chandra Routray
Doon International School
Khyanika Das

On behalf of everyone at Doon International School Bhubaneswar, I welcome you to the DIS Bhubaneswar website, a school that we as a staff, students and DIS community share a strong sense of responsibility and pride for. We offer enhanced opportunities for our Pre-Primary, Middle and Secondary students to explore and transform in a challenging learning environment. Doon International School, Bhubaneswar strive to provide rich and meaningful learning experiences in support of the curriculum and extra-curricular areas. Our focus is on enabling the students to realize their holistic potential in the process of learning by providing them a conducive fearless and stresses free learning experience where learning is cooperative, creative and joyful experience. This motivates our students to find the meaning and significance of life, and will help them to contribute enormously to our knowledge-based society. Enquiry based learning helps the students to develop a sense of achievement and independent thought process. Now the world is becoming flat and every student has become a unique individual to be able to face up to the challenges and emerge as a winner in a global competitive situation. Our vision is to develop creative, collaborative, resilient, and caring young people who are passionate about meeting the needs of the larger global community and the challenges of the 21st Century. With trained and experienced staff members we shoulder our responsibility to help children live their dreams by inculcating good moral values together with modern education under a disciplined environment. The use of modern technologies and information technologies is an integral part of the teaching learning process to make students teaching more effective and interesting. We always try to inculcate values like self-discipline, patience, forgiveness, caring and tolerance. We believe in developing a “school culture” where child is being nurtured with these values. I request all parents to cooperate wholeheartedly as the school always appreciate your support & valuable suggestions so that the students can be guided along the right path at all times. We shall seek your active co-operation in the development of your children who emerge from this institution. I invite you to learn more about our school. For any information and query please contact our admission office. I hope you will have a chance to visit us soon.


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