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St Xavier International School is set up by a team of leading educationalists having over 4 decades of experience in establishing and efficiently running schools across Thane and Mumbai. St Xavier International School , Kalyan is designed and conceptualized to establish new benchmarks in school level learning, experience and education,to bring the best infrastructure and facilities to the students of kalyan. We believe in integration International Methods with Indian Education Values like, discipline and hard work, to nurture our students to be future ready for both; Indian and global challenges. St.Xavier’s offers world-class facilities for your child’s holistic development, integrated with an academic curriculum which emphasizes on thinking creatively, critical analysis, collaborative learning and application of knowledge.
Additional Details
  • Minimum Entry Age :- 3
  • School Provide Meals ? :- No
  • Air condition Class ? :- No
  • CCTV Surveillance ? :- Yes
  • Day Boarding ? :- Yes
  • Teacher Student Ratio :- 30:1
  • Total Seats at Entry Level Grade :- 30
  • Total School Strength :- 400
  • Average No of students per class :- 40
  • Total No. of Teachers (All Class) :- 65
  • Fire Safety :- Yes
  • School has Strong Room ? :- Yes
  • School has Wifi Enabled ? :- No
  • Total No. of Playground ? :- 2
  • Total No. of Rooms ? :- 32
  • No. of Laboratories. :- 12
  • No. of Lift elevator. :- 1
  • Total No of computers. :- 45
  • No. of Activity room. :- 4
  • School has clinic facilities ? :- Yes
  • School has Gymnasium ? :- No
  • Total Area of School ? (Sq) :- 4200
  • Total area of playground ? (sq) :- 3200
  • Total No. of Library ? :- 2
  • No. of Auditorium. :- 2
  • No. of Digital Classroom. :- 23
  • Total No. of Buses Owned. :- 14
  • Transport Facility :- Yes
Fee Details
  • Admission Fee :- N/A
  • Annual Fee :- N/A
  • Transport Fee :- N/A
  • Others Fee :- N/A
Vision and Leadership
School Vision


The vision of St Xavier’s school is to impart quality education to the students. In the words of John Dewey, who said “Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself, it has never been truer than it is in todays fast paced competitive world. St Xavier’s school believes in inclusive education as a part of every student’s life. The school tries its best to be a friend, philosopher and guide to the students as they navigate through this crucial phase of life and mould their future accordingly. The school aims to educate the mind as well as the heart so that their characters will be molded along with their mental and emotional intelligence. At St Xavier’s, we bring the children up in a way which will enable them to be responsible, confident and strong citizens.

St. Xavier International School
Chairman Collins Albuquerque
St. Xavier International School
Mrs. Sofia Birla

Never Stop Learning, Because Life Never Stops Teaching We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough. These words of Helen Keller hold very true for us. We, at St. Xavier’s School aim at equipping our children with the strength to face all the challenges of life, with confidence and determination. We believe that the children in today’s world are wandering in need of role models than of critics. Our motto ‘the dawn of a new era’ signifies the birth of that defining moment which radically transforms the present and embraces a challenging future. We are united around our aim ‘Achieving Excellence Together’ to challenge and inspire our students toward a life that will inspire in them love for learning and intense desire to shape a better world. We have high expectations for our students and provide them with strong support structures so that they could reach beyond their highest potential.


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