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Tatva Global School is one of the best CBSE schools in Kukatpally currently. It is an award-winning school; it has won the best CBSE campus in Hyderabad in the year 2016, 2017, and 2018. Children at Tatva have already achieved many things. They have participated in Interschool Chess Championship, Inter School Youth Swimming Championship, all India Roller Relay Skating Competition and in many more events. They have won gold medals, silver medals, and bronze medals. We always encourage and inspire our children to participate in all the events that take place at our school.
Additional Details
  • Minimum Entry Age :- 3
  • School Provide Meals ? :- N/A
  • Air condition Class ? :- Yes
  • CCTV Surveillance ? :- Yes
  • Day Boarding ? :- Yes
  • Teacher Student Ratio :- N/A
  • Total Seats at Entry Level Grade :- 65
  • Total School Strength :- 2000
  • Average No of students per class :- 65
  • Total No. of Teachers (All Class) :- 85
  • Fire Safety :- Yes
  • School has Strong Room ? :- Yes
  • School has Wifi Enabled ? :- N/A
  • Total No. of Playground ? :- 2
  • Total No. of Rooms ? :- 90
  • No. of Laboratories. :- 10
  • No. of Lift elevator. :- 12
  • Total No of computers. :- 120
  • No. of Activity room. :- 15
  • School has clinic facilities ? :- N/A
  • School has Gymnasium ? :- N/A
  • Total Area of School ? (Sq) :- 125000
  • Total area of playground ? (sq) :- 55000
  • Total No. of Library ? :- 3
  • No. of Auditorium. :- 2
  • No. of Digital Classroom. :- 15
  • Total No. of Buses Owned. :- 20
  • Transport Facility :- Yes
Admission Details
  • Admission Process :- Online / Offline
  • Start Date :- 2023-03-01
  • Facility to do online admission process :- Yes
  • Admission Open :- Yes
  • End Date :- 2023-04-30
  • Facilty to Pay admission fee online :- Yes
  • Admission Page Link :-
Fee Details
  • Admission Fee :- 65000
  • Annual Fee :- 250000
  • Transport Fee :- 35000
  • Others Fee :- 30000
Vision and Leadership
School Vision

To create global citizens capable of dealing with the complexities of the future. We value the partnership between the school, parents, the community and everyone else who plays a part in realizing this vision. We believe it takes three Cs to be identified as a “Global Citizen”: Character that is trustworthy Self-confidence Communication that has clarity


Considered as a business strategy, technology and financial expert, Vish leads the Strategy, Philosophy and Financial aspects of TATVA Group. Biography He has a deep passion for things that he takes up. He moved away from Technology businesses where he started couple of companies in early 2000s and exited. He is now into the education industry and considers that it can be made affordable to the middle class. He is instrumental in bringing the TATVA team together. He believes that a child’s early learning experiences have a strong impact on their overall development and success. It is this belief that drives him to create opportunities for students to learn and excel so they can have a positive impact on society. He wants to contribute to the future by helping children be more conscious and make better judgements in life. Education Electrical Engineer with a Masters in Finance

Tatva Global School
Viswanath Sivaswamy
Tatva Global School
T. Usha

I have over 27 years in the field of education. I am a keen learner and upgrade my skills and practices in that help me stay ahead of the developments in this field. I come with a pedigree that suits my work i.e. a Masters in Personnel Management, a Post Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design and a Certification course in Student & Parent Counselling, besides my B.Ed. During my 27-year stint in this field, I have been able to design and develop – Instructional content, Instructor-led facilitator guides, Student workbooks, e-learning content, Teacher Training programs, Course Instruction manuals etc. I network with my peer group outside of Tatva via my association with other School Principals and School Management Teams. I learn from these associations and bring the best to my Teachers and Students at Tatva. I was conferred the ‘ACHARYA DEVO BHAVA 2016’ for the Teaching practices and Pedagogical innovation that I bring to the field of education by BRAINFEED. Welcome to TATVA GLOBAL SCHOOL! It is my privilege to lead this school as the Director of Academics and as the Principal. I would like to set a culture of “Learning to Learn” in all Tatva Schools. It will endeavour to help students excel in academics, sports and community services. I will administer policies and processes as advised by the school board, CBSE and the Government without any deviation. The hallmark of the school is the age-old philosophy of our Indian Culture. Values drive human behaviour. I set goals, every year for my team to inculcate values in our Student, Teacher and Parent community. Values help us make choices in life. A community with great behaviour develops the culture that everyone in that community desires. This will be my primary focus. We will demonstrate the most desired behaviour in all our actions and interactions. I have also set out to create a serene learning environment. When we set out to teach how to learn – we discovered that the environment contributes immensely. It will be my goal to keep the environment most suited for learning. What does that mean? It means – space. It includes resources. It has people with knowledge and commitment. It will embrace change and the future. It will eliminate envy and other negative influences. When these are brought together on our vast 11-acre campus, we are sure to succeed. And then all we need is the time to practice desired behaviour with the community. As outcomes – I would like for our students to be strong individuals with good behaviour. They will also be skilled, knowledgeable and develop the right temper in Linguistic, Scientific, Computational, Analytical, Artistic and Social skills. They will be known for their honesty and integrity, and the rest of the world can trust them. They will appreciate diversity and develop tolerance & respect for life. Lastly, we will work to develop the psychomotor skills for our students and get them to pay attention to their physical health. Scores and performances of students in academics or other fields are outcomes of what we provide them with. While it may take time for Tatva to follow and develop rigour in our process, I believe the results will sustain over the life of a student. The world may be finding short-cuts to learn – to me sustenance of that learning is paramount. The new NEP provides schools with opportunities to develop. I shall leverage my skills and experience along with my team’s immense potential and commitment to bring changes to this school that will stand the test of time. Helping us bring our vision & goals to fruition is a team of directors who are all committed to this Vision and Mission. I am happy to let you all know that we are committed to those who commit themselves to the development of children. I welcome parents to be a part of this family to shape the future of children- the next generation of world citizens. I also look forward to working with partners, service providers and all the administrative staff who continuously help me in delivering our goals.


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