The Governments should provide health and education to all for free of charge, observed former Vice-President of India MuppavarapuVenkaiah Naidu while participating in an inaugural programme of K-Ridge International School at Narasaraopet town in Palnadudistrict on January 17. Mr. Venkaiah Naidu observed that while teaching the lessons to the students, the teaching faculty should inculcate values in their education at school and college levels. He suggested the students to embrace mother tongue (Telugu) first and go for the brother language (Hindi) and then for foreign language (English). He said that students could easily understand the subjects in their mother tongue, which would help in acquiring knowledge. He said that education should be converted into knowledge and then only the students would get the best opportunities at global level.  On the other hand, NarasaraopetLok Sabha member and YSRCP leader LavuSrikrishna Devarayalu suggested the K-Ridge management to recruit local skilled persons as faculty in the school. He assured that the Vignan’s University is ready to offer required training to the eligible faculty for that purpose, for free.

Source-Special Arrangement