Union Education Minister DharmendraPradhan has noted that almost all states in the country are implementing the National Education Policy 2020. Even the states that were initially reluctant to adopt the policy are now using it with different terminology, he added. The minister was speaking at IIT-Hyderabad where he inaugurated the second edition of the Ministry of Education's flagship R&D Innovation Fair, IInvenTiv-2024. This event was organized to serve as a platform for fostering connections between industry and academia. It paved the way for potential collaborations to advance and benefit society, industry, and academia on a grand scale. News agency PTI quoted the minister as saying, "I am happy. Let them be satisfied with using different terminology. But, with full responsibility I can say almost all states are implementing National Education Policy 2020 which is a very philosophical and historical document."  The event aimed to exhibit the holistic impact of research from Higher Education Institutes and draw engagement from top industry stakeholders. It aimed at uniting 53 future focused institutes to showcase of 120 groundbreaking projects to over 2,000 industry stakeholders.