Union Home Minister Amit Shah has announced plans to open nine additional campuses of the National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU) across India within a year. Speaking at a conference in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Shah highlighted the transformative phase in India's criminal justice system, emphasizing the abolition of old laws and the introduction of new ones to ensure timely justice and higher conviction rates. Shah also mentioned key measures, including mandatory visits by Forensic Science Officers to crime scenes, modernizing the criminal justice system, and integrating technology and forensic investigation. The move is expected to provide significant opportunities for youth in the field of forensic science. He praised the Modi government for prioritizing forensic science in investigations, prosecutions, and judicial processes through new laws, ensuring legal support for forensic technology in safeguarding independence, autonomy, and fairness in investigations. Shah also highlighted the Ministry of Home Affairs' efforts in creating databases and data integration to enhance justice and policing.

Source-Official NFSU Statement