EducationToday is one of the best magazines in India focussing on the education sector. Being the top education magazine, we also conduct numerous conferences and award ceremonies. Our award ceremonies and conferences are known for being the best educational gathering in the country.

We recently conducted the 11 th National Conference on K-12 Leadership and India School Merit Awards 2023-24 at The Taj, Bangalore Airport on December 11, 2023. The event was a gala ceremony, witnessing the attendance of the top educationists in India all under one roof.

This year, 5 schools from across the country were among the Top 5 Girls’ Day Schools.

Our mission is to find the best schools in India and encourage them for their efforts. We at EducationToday made a perception-based ranking system for schools, one with utmost transparency. This system includes a thorough analysis of the inputs from the survey forms received, analysis from the survey team, parental votes and special jury inputs. As expected, this was a huge challenge owing to the diverse number of schools in India, all the way from Aanganwadis to the elitist of private institutions, each with countless variations. Some are funded by the centre, others by the state, and still more get direct funding from industrialists, NGOs and the like. Then all the education boards have to be taken into consideration –CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB plus an overwhelming number of state boards.

However, why do we award?

It is our way of finding the best from the list of schools in India. Because, as a parent, we are all capable of affording education to our kids, but ensuring our kids get the best, is a task. Our perception-based ranking system acts as a compass for you, to decide which school to go ahead with as we follow an exhaustive list of parameters to choose the best from the best.

Our parameters include

  • ➤ Academic reputation
  • ➤ Digital learning advancement
  • ➤ Individual Attention to Students 
  • ➤ Future Proof Learning Infrastructure 
  • ➤ Student Advancement & Mentoring
  • ➤ Leadership in Quality Management
  • ➤ Teacher’s Advancement & Well-being
  • ➤ Psychological well-being of Students
  • ➤ Holistic Education
  • ➤ Value For Money
  • ➤ Co-Curricular Education
  • ➤ Sports Education
  • ➤ Innovative Teaching
  • ➤ Community Service
  • ➤ Integrated Learning 

Over 500 plus schools from all over India made the cut and these names were then passed onto the next stage where they were vetted by our jury, educational experts, a team of analysts, and, of course, parents. With the help of their combined inputs, we handpicked the schools that truly deserved to be on our top 20 lists. We also decided to take social media into account (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google) in addition to our portal (, as it receives over 70,000 hits per day.

Accommodating the numerous categories of schools and parameters, the awards distributed this year were:

India’s Top 20 CBSE Schools

India’s Top 20 ICSE Schools

India’s Top 20 International Schools (IB/CAIE)

India’s Top 10 International Schools (IGCSE)

India’s Top 20 Day-cum-Boarding Schools (National)

India’s Top 10 Day-cum-Boarding Schools (International)

India’s Top 10 Boarding Schools

India’s Top 20 State Board Schools

India’s Top 3 Boys Day Schools

India’s Top 3 Boys Day-cum-Boarding Schools

India’s Top 5 Boys Boarding Schools

India’s Top 5 Girls’ Day Schools

India’s Top 5 Girls' Day-cum-Boarding Schools

India’s Top 5 Girls’ Boarding Schools

India’s Top CBSE Schools City-wise

India’s Top ICSE Schools City-wise

India’s Top International Schools City-wise

India’s Top Day-cum-Boarding Schools City-wise

India’s Top Boarding Schools City-wise

India’s Top State Board Schools City-wise

India’s Top CBSE Schools Parameter wise

India’s Top ICSE Schools Parameter wise

India’s Top Boarding Schools Parameter wise

India’s Top International Schools Parameter wise

India’s Top Day-cum-Boarding Schools Parameter wise

India’s Top State Board Schools Parameter wise

India’s Top CBSE Emerging Schools

India’s Top ICSE Emerging Schools

India’s Top International Emerging Schools

India’s Top State-Board Emerging Schools

Grand Jury Awards 2023

Parents Choice Awards 2023

This year, India’s Top 5 Girls’ Day Schools awards were bagged by

1Villa Theresa High School
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Ranked No.1 in Mumbai, Ranked No.1 in Maharashtra, Ranked No.1 in India
2Meerut Public Girls School
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
Ranked No.1 in Meerut, Ranked No.1 in Uttar Pradesh, Ranked No.2 in India
3Queen Mary School
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Ranked No.2 in Mumbai, Ranked No.2 in Maharashtra, Ranked No.3 in India
4CSI Jessie Moses Mat. Hr. Sec. School
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Ranked No.1 in Chennai, Ranked No.1 in Tamil Nadu, Ranked No.4 in India
5St. Joseph’s Convent Senior Secondary School
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Ranked No.1 in Bhopal, Ranked No.1 in Madhya Pradesh, Ranked No.5 in India