The GER, which covers the 18-23 demographic, is a key indicator of the level of participation in higher education within a given population. Higher GER values indicate greater enrolment among the specified age group. GER for AISHE 21-22 has been calculated on population projection derived from the 2011 census.  UT girls fare better in the numbers, with 75.4% being enrolled for higher education as compared to 56.8% boys. While GER for girls is highest among all states and UTs, Puducherry’s 61% figure for boys tops the charts with Chandigarh coming in second.  For the city’s Scheduled Caste youth, the total GER is 53.4% — 53.7% for boys and 52.9% for girls. The figure for scheduled castes is not the highest, with Mizoram and Meghalaya having a score of over 100%, implying that more SC students are enrolled in higher education institutes in the two stages than were counted in the 2011 census and its projections.