The Jawaharlal Nehru University plans to introduce various short-term online learning courses for students across the country as it aims to foray into the e-learning segment this year, officials said on Friday. The varsity is working on modalities to develop infrastructure to support e-learning on campus catering to students belonging to underprivileged sections and residing in rural areas, they added.  "JNU has received a HEFA loan of Rs 455 crore and is in the process of creating infrastructure to support faculty members to develop these courses," B S Balaji, chairperson, Special Center for E-learning, JNU, told PTI. The university plans to set up a video recording room with camera, light, and sound proof facilities where teachers can hold or record these classes, he added. This year, JNU plans to introduce a four-credit and 15-week long massive open online course (MOOC) on Climate and Environment Protection, approved by the University Grants Commission, as part of its undergraduate programme on Indian Arctic Policy (IAP) for students across the country, Balaji said.  The university also has in pipeline six to eight open online courses on international relations, political science, social sciences, and languages that will be rolled out in the near future, he said. These courses will be provided through SWAYAM platform. Some of the courses will also be hosted on LMS portal of JNU Digii campus, he added. "Initially the courses that are developed for JNU Digiicampus will be offered only to JNU students and in the future, the university will explore the courses to be offered to students from the entire country," Balaji said.