Yogendra Patidar Director, CIVOM

Yogendra Patidar is a dynamic person, erudite on purpose, an entrepreneur by passion, and a proud alumni of EDI & JNV. He started in his 20s and now heads ventures into learning spaces, food processing, and Coatstock under the UWC group of companies.

He co-founded CIVOM in 2012 after he got inspired by the way the libraries were/are designed in Australia, with a vision to create environments that can shape behaviours and enhance learning for our future leaders. 

“This is the key to lifelong learning. My belief is to be a medium in support of any such causes, be it in any spokes of life and keep passing the baton.”


Unfolding the Learning Potential

We at CIVOM create Space and Space Durables that shape learning behaviours.

In this evolving world where people, technology, knowledge of learning, and user behaviours are emerging drastically, keeping relevance in learning and education is the key.

CIVOM is continuously curating spaces and products that contribute to the learning of the user, with the help of a research-driven methodology, a team of genius minds and glocal approach. Look for:

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To understand the benefits to K-12, let us understand the problems we have.

For example, think of a teacher in the present age who wants to teach in a participatory way but the classroom design is not efficient in supporting him/her. Also, think of the student who couldn't sit quietly because their body metabolism has agility and needs movement. What are the tools that can help them? Think of a school that wants to have experiential or visual learning, but who can help them with the right space tools.

We live in dynamic times –  the world is moving from the Information age to the Intelligence age.

Civom is reading these changes, connecting with goal behaviours and creating products (we call them durables as they are essential tools of the learning process) that can enable or enhance learning potential.


We noticed that traditional classroom models have become increasingly outdated & recognized the opportunity to create furniture and spaces that would support the kind of modern, student-centered learning that is essential for success in the 21st century.

By working closely with educators and designers, we were able to develop a range of learning durables that provide learners with the freedom and flexibility to learn in a way that works best for them, while also promoting engagement, productivity, and a sense of community in the classroom.

The growing need for innovative and collaborative learning environments that foster creativity, productivity, and critical thinking inspired us to come up with the idea of CIVOM.

Overall, we are excited about the impact that our learning spaces and durables are having on the way students learn, and we are committed to continuing to innovate and evolve as we work to meet the ever-changing needs of the classroom for the future workforce.


CIVOM is a thought leader in attempting to break the walls of the trained machine mindsets of humans and studying human thinking, behavioural patterns, and learning capabilities. CIVOM is creating solutions in the form of products; 'Learning Durables', systems, functions & spaces that are profoundly research-driven on the psychological, physiological, & pedagogical needs of the students, in the present scenario and for the upcoming future.

If it is not helping in learning, it is not CIVOM, Simple.

Interior Designers
Education Consultants
Owners, Directors & Decision Makers of the Educational Institutes and Community Influencers in the Education Sector


Mr. Bhavesh Gandhi
Co-founder Polymath School Bhiwandi, Mumbai

Looking forward to transformational classrooms we went ahead with CIVOM because they understand progressive education, and they really know how 21st-century educational Schools Should Look Like.

Divyanshu Patel
President Parul University Vadodara, Gujarat

Feedback from students, parents, and teachers has been wonderful. they are very much satisfied with the setup done by Civom. The team at Civom has a fantastic aesthetic sense of infrastructure and space planning.

Dr. Anil Kumar
Librarian, IIM Ahmedabad, Gujarat

We are very happy we partnered with Civom for our library renovation and upgradation project. The team has worked minutely on the furniture style, colour, combinations, and finishes and has created a wonderful ambiance. This definitely stimulates the teachers and students who visit the library and have seen that eventually, people have started spending more time in the library.