IIM Ahmedabad has launched a new two-year Online MBA program aimed at working professionals and entrepreneurs with a minimum of three years of experience. The program blends on-campus and online sessions, allowing for flexibility while providing world-class education. It targets individuals unable to pursue full-time MBAs due to various constraints. Admission is based on an admission test and interview. The program focuses on managerial decision-making frameworks and aims to develop leaders capable of addressing contemporary challenges effectively. "It aspires to upskillworking professionals by exposing them to managerial decision-making frameworks that are grounded in human behaviour, economics, finance, etc. The in-person classes conducted at IIMA focus on interpersonal and organisational dynamics that are complex to manoeuvre and hard to learn. On the other hand, the sessions that are held online through live classes are around content that is more amenable for quantitative and systematic analysis," Joshy Jacob said.