Capturing School Memories. One Picture At A Time. 

In an era where schools continually seek innovative ways to distinguish themselves, YellowBus Photography emerges as a trailblazer, offering a creative approach to redefine the landscape of School Photography.

YellowBus Photography endeavors to foster a meaningful emotional connection with stakeholders, utilizing the medium of school photography. Each photograph is a testament to the laughter, friendships and milestones achieved during the academic journey. 

YellowBus Photography aspires to be a leading photography company in the school market, offering a diverse range of products that transform school memories into tangible treasures. The diverse lineup includes Class Group Photographs, Individual & Faculty Portraits, Graduation Portraits, Creative and School Infrastructure Profiles for websites. Each photograph becomes a cherished keepsake for parents and a powerful branding tool for educational institutions.

About YellowBus Photography: Founded in 2019 by Brindala Raju Manian and Ganesh Virudhagiri, YellowBus Photography aims to create lasting school memories and elevate the brand identity of K12 schools through innovative photography and videography. The introduction of their app allows users nationwide to easily upload photos and order products online, ensuring a seamless experience for schools and parents alike.

A 'YB Picture Day!' is a meticulously orchestrated event led by an experienced team of professional photographers. The complete Digital Mobile Studio, equipped with lighting, photography gear, and an array of backdrops, arrives at the school campus. With seamless capture of up to 700 individual portraits daily, school time is rarely interrupted.

Leveraging innovative video production, YellowBus creates short promotional videos vital for school activities during admission seasons, inquiry management and a robust social media presence, fostering heightened student enrollments.

Among the 100+ clients endorsing YellowBus Photography are prestigious institutions such as Delhi Public School, Florence High School, Athena Global School, Harrow International School and more. The commitment and dedication of the YellowBus team are reflected in testimonials from satisfied clients like Anusha Paduchuri of Bachpan Preschool, who praises the team's top-notch quality and dedication, and Siddhanta Intellectual School, expressing satisfaction with the professionalism and creativity.

Innovation takes center stage with YellowBus Photography's new app, allowing users from anywhere in the country to upload photos and order products online. Memory books, class groups, and even student ID cards can be effortlessly ordered through the user-friendly app, providing schools and parents with convenience and accessibility.

In conclusion, YellowBus Photography is not just about capturing moments, it's about crafting memories that linger in the hearts of parents, children and the entire school community, building a legacy that stands the test of time.