Vice-President (VP) Jagdeep Dhankhar, speaking at the centenary celebrations of Indraprastha College for Women, urged corporate and industry leaders to support educational institutions, especially those focusing on girls' education. He called for the allocation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds to educational institutions and expressed willingness to engage with industry leaders on this matter. Dhankhar emphasized the importance of education in fostering equality in society, particularly highlighting the transformative impact of girls' education. He encouraged students to be ambitious and take advantage of the existing ecosystem that facilitates the realization of their full potential. Dhankhar praised the role of women empowerment in enabling girls to lead India's journey towards development and urged them to become principal participants in shaping the nation's future. He described education as the most powerful tool for societal transformation and noted the current era as a time of hope and immense possibilities. Referring to recent initiatives supporting women's empowerment, Dhankhar underscored the pivotal role of girls in India's growth trajectory. The event was attended by dignitaries including Yogesh Singh, Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, Alok B Shriram, Chairperson of the Governing Body of the college, faculty members, and students.