Several schools in Chennai received bomb threats on Thursday morning, leading to early closures and the evacuation of students. Institutions such as DAV School, Chennai Public School in Gopalapuram, and St Mary's School in Parry's Corner were targeted with emails warning of potential bomb threats. Despite initial fears, investigations suggest the threats were likely hoaxes, with no imminent danger to students or staff. Schools took precautionary measures, dispersing students early and requesting authorities to inspect their premises thoroughly. This caused chaotic scenes as parents rushed to pick up their children, leading to traffic congestion in affected neighborhoods. The Tamil Nadu Police deployed bomb disposal squads to conduct searches, but no explosives were found. The Greater Chennai Police confirmed multiple email threats and initiated investigations to identify the sender. Schools and authorities urged parents and students to remain calm and assured them of their safety. As of Thursday afternoon, no explosives were discovered, and investigations into the origin of the threats continue.