Dev instructed all district inspectors of schools in the state to ensure that district helplines are operational from February 15 until the conclusion of the board exams. The board examinations for 2024 are scheduled to take place between February 22 and March 9. “In order to provide counseling to students in classes 10 and 12 and assist them in coping with the mental strain and stress of board examinations, as well as to address any related queries and complaints, helpline numbers should be activated,” he emphasised.  To facilitate this, a two-member cell will be established in all districts, and a helpline number will be made operational. The director stressed the appointment of a skilled psychology expert in each district for the helpline. If such experts are unavailable, individuals proficient in sociology or pedagogy should be appointed. “The formation of these cells should be widely publicised along with their mobile numbers to ensure that the public is well-informed,” he added in a press release.

Source-Boost PTE