The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is poised to establish its third offshore campus, potentially in Sri Lanka, as per sources. The proposal for this initiative was announced in Sri Lanka's 2024 Budget by President RanilWickremesinghe. Discussions have taken place between the Sri Lankan government and IIT Madras regarding the project, with Kandy being a potential location for the campus. If realized, this would mark IIT Madras' second international campus, following the establishment of one in Tanzania's Zanzibar. Additionally, IIT Delhi has formalized plans for a campus in Abu Dhabi, focusing initially on energy transition and sustainability. The UK has also expressed interest in hosting an IIT offshore campus, with discussions underway. Requests from various Middle Eastern and South Asian countries to host IIT campuses have prompted the Indian government to establish a committee to facilitate the process, which submitted recommendations in 2022.

Source-Official Website