The article delves into the Indian edutechlandscape, spotlighting the meteoric rise of online test-preparation platforms exemplified by Physics Wallah, while also scrutinizing the struggles faced by industry leader Byju's. It examines the broader shift in investor interest from China to India, driven by regulatory changes and pandemic-induced disruptions. Furthermore, it underscores the enduring demand for test-preparation services in India and analyzes various strategies adopted by industry players to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Lastly, it touches upon the pivotal role of government policies in shaping the trajectory of the sector. It will be almost impossible, however, to police online apps. The government is rightly worried about the stress on youngsters, often leading to self-harm. But as PW’s Pandey says, many of India’s small villages got their first engineers and doctors because of the internet. That quest for upward mobility will be impossible to kill. Disclaimer: This is a Bloomberg Opinion piece, and these are the personal opinions of the writer. They do not reflect the views of or the Business Standard newspaper.