KIIT World School hosted a workshop for parents, shedding light on crucial aspects of managing finances adeptly. The workshop covered a wide array of topics, including the prudent handling of money, insurance policies, and navigating through different financial plans. Moreover, the speaker elucidated on the prevalent scams targeting unsuspecting individuals and provided invaluable tips on safeguarding one's finances. Mr. Gaurav, the esteemed resource person, further enriched the session by imparting knowledge about various financial schemes to the eager parents. The highlight of the workshop was its interactive nature, facilitating an engaging dialogue between the parents and the expert. Parents voiced their queries and concerns, receiving insightful solutions and guidance from Mr. Gaurav. Additionally, the session introduced parents to a plethora of digital tools aimed at strengthening their financial security in the digital age. Furthermore, practical tips were shared on various investment strategies, empowering parents to make informed decisions about where to invest their hard-earned money.

Source-Press Release