A Mumbai lawyer has challenged a recent Maharashtra state law granting 10% reservation to Marathas in jobs and education. The law, passed on February 20, is under scrutiny for its basis on "exceptional circumstances." The petitioners argue against the appointment of the Maharashtra State Backward Class Commission chairperson. Previously, a 2018 law granting Marathas 16% reservation was upheld by the Bombay High Court but later reduced. The Supreme Court overturned the 2018 law in 2021, questioning its justification for exceeding the 50% reservation limit. The plea is set for hearing on March 8, 2024, amidst ongoing legal battles over Maratha reservation. That was rejected in April 2023, following which a curative plea was filed, which is pending before the apex court. As per the high court website, the plea is likely to be heard on March 8, however, petitioners are likely to mention it before the court earlier seeking urgent relief.