Q. Could you provide us with a brief overview of your professional background and areas of expertise

I started my journey in the educational sector as a teacher at Bal Bhavan Public School in Mayur Vihar-II, Delhi, in 2009, driven by a passion for learning and a commitment to excellence in education. Recognised for my leadership qualities and dedication, I was promoted to Vice Principal in 2013. During my tenure as a Vice Principal, I played an instrumental role in implementing several pioneering educational initiatives, which not only enhanced the learning environment but also significantly bolstered the academic standards of the institution. By 2019, I had the honour of being appointed Principal of the school, a role in which I've continued to foster an environment of academic rigour and holistic development, guiding our school to new heights of success.

Q. Could you highlight some of your key accomplishments in the field of education 

In 2022, I was honoured with the Delhi State Teachers' Award, a recognition that underscored my efforts to foster a culture of inclusivity and academic rigour within our school community. My role has always been to lead by example, championing the adoption of technological advancements and empowering my fellow educators to excel. Beyond my educational leadership, I've been committed to social causes, notably through our 'Main Bhi Gandhi' project, which emphasises waste segregation and instils environmental stewardship in our curriculum. My dedication to improving education extends to my work with the CBSE, where I contribute as a resource person, helping to develop manuals and conduct teacher training sessions. This work is part of my broader commitment to enhancing education quality on a wider scale.

My journey has been marked by various accolades, including the Savitribai Phule Samman 2021 and the Guru Drona Award by SRM in 2018, recognising my contributions to education. Being named an 'Effective Global Leader-2020' by the Global Talk Education Foundation and listed among the Top 50 Effective Principals by EducationToday has been humbling, reflecting my ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. My participation in the New and Aspiring School Leaders Program at Harvard University and involvement in education exchange programmes globally are part of my commitment to continuous learning and global educational improvement. Additionally, collaborating with NGOs and organisations such as ‘Udaan-The Centre of Theatre Art & Child Development’ and ‘Edu Advice’ gave me the opportunity to engage in various educational discourses.

Q. What impactful changes or innovations have you implemented in the education segment, and what further advancements would you like to see or implement in the field of education?

Under my leadership, Bal Bhavan Public School has become a beacon for green and sustainable practices in education. Our dedication to environmental consciousness has earned us several prestigious awards. We were proud to receive the Gold Award from the Climate Reality Project, recognising our impactful environmental initiatives. Additionally, our commitment to sustainability was further highlighted by the Vivekananda Sustainability Award, which applauded our efforts to integrate sustainable practices into both curriculum and operations. Our achievements also include recognition as an international school by the British Council and being named a Microsoft Showcase School are milestones that underscore our commitment to educational excellence and sustainability. 

Q. What advice can you give emerging education professionals/fellow educators regarding essential leadership qualities in this field?

To emerging education professionals and fellow educators, my advice revolves around cultivating a supportive and nurturing environment that prioritises student well-being and success. Throughout my 14-year career, I've always placed a strong emphasis on it. My leadership philosophy revolves around being resourceful, maintaining a progressive approach, and adapting to the evolving educational landscape. A core value of mine is the success of all students, particularly those needing extra academic support. At Bal Bhavan Public School, we've launched a global citizenship programme to promote comprehensive development, aligning with my belief in fostering 21st-century competencies through co-curricular activities. This approach is designed to cultivate well-rounded individuals, moving beyond a one-size-fits-all method of education.

In conclusion, my journey as an educational leader is marked by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and holistic student development.