Q. Could you provide us with a brief overview of your professional background and areas of expertise?

For me, it’s been an incredibly enriching journey of touching lives for more than three and a half decades on the landscape of education taking on diverse roles, be it a Teacher, a Mentor, a Counsellor, a Motivational speaker, an Author or an Edu-leader. However, whatever role of responsibility I have donned, my focus has always been to create quality and excellence.  Teaching has always been a relentless passion for me as it gives me an insightful plunge into the bundles of infinite energies, potentials, and talents at the very nascent stage to be harnessed and channelised to contribute to the tapestry of global excellence. Like a gardener who tends his plants until they bloom, I ensure the creation of a vibrant, conducive and inclusive environment to help my students discover their unique strengths, nourish and nurture them into holistic beings so that they shine forth in life in all their brilliance. I endeavour to strengthen them with ROOTS of sound values and WINGS of right skills to enable them to meaningfully span the skies of life opportunities.   Also, I have successfully accomplished various CBSE assignments entrusted upon me from time to time like Inspection of CBSE Schools, conducting workshops and counselling sessions for teachers, CNS and Centre Superintendent for NEET, IIT JEE, CTET.

I am fortunate that my contributions to the cause of education were acknowledged when I was conferred with awards and recognitions including the Top 50 Effective Principals of India, Global Principals’ Award, Best Principal and Academic Leader Crystal Award, National Green Thinker Award. I’m humbled to receive these awards from premier institutions which motivate me to strive harder in my field. However, as a teacher, my happiness springs from the accomplishments of my students. My students have reached the pinnacle of their chosen domains and are creating ripples of positive change in the work ecosystems as founders and CEOs of renowned companies, doctors and scientists of repute and creating solutions for the global problems. I’m proud of their accomplishments. I am a teacher and I thank God for it every day. In 100 years from now, it wouldn’t matter which model cars I drove or what kind of bank balance I had, the only thing that would matter is how I could touch lives meaningfully and contribute to making this world a better and happier place to live in by sending out beautiful human beings as messengers of love and peace.

Q. Could you highlight some of your key accomplishments in the field of education?

Our institution is not just about education – it’s the celebration of its legacy of rich learning experiences.   I feel proud to see consistently excellent performances of my students in the AISSE and the AISSCE every year. Innovative teaching pedagogies like project-based learning, experiential learning and flipped classrooms are being adopted to apply knowledge in practical contexts. Integration of technology in classroom learning brings life to complex concepts making learning immersive and accessible to students. I firmly believe in sustainable development and instil environmental sensitivity in the students. We regularly organise rallies, street plays, cleanliness campaigns and green initiatives in the school and beyond. Each child is unique and different from the other. If all can’t learn the way we teach, we adopt the way they learn. We run a Special Education Wing under the inclusive education programme. Project Empathy run by the magnanimous & philanthropic group of alumni of the academy, has been extending financial strength & emotional support to underprivileged students. Our sports stars with their incredible performances are marking a glorious presence in the national as well as international arena. We always strive to keep the children connected to our cultural heritage. The Academy organises SPIC MACAY and celebrates most festivals of India to create a strong community feeling, tolerance and respect for all faiths, empowering them in the course of humanity.

Q. What impactful changes or innovations have you implemented in the education segment, and what further advancements would you like to see or implement in the field of education?

I have always believed in inculcating values in the students with honesty, compassion, empathy and resilience as core values. At the same time, I emphasise skill education as well as ensuring development of 21st-century skills like creativity, confidence, strong communication, collaboration, leadership and problem-solving attitude and technology. The current system, in my opinion, places too much emphasis on telling children what to do as opposed to teaching them how to think and how to trust their own God-given intuition, natural abilities, and aspirations. The youth of today may be techno-savvy and ambitious but over-reliance on technology is adversely impacting their ability to think creatively, and they are being turned into a kind of trainable commodity. The education of the future could be immensely influenced by technology, but it must never lose its humane focus. In the course of their education, we should be aiming to facilitate their discovery of what it is they wish to pursue. It’s a much more complex answer with many angles to look at, but for now— I do believe in the Whitney Houston song, when she soulfully sings: “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside— give them a sense of pride….” — ‘The Greatest Love of All’

Q. What advice can you give emerging education professionals/fellow educators regarding essential leadership qualities in this field?

In my style of administration, I try to work as a catalyst maximising efficiency and always being alive and active towards organisational goals. I communicate all the policies and plans clearly to the team members before initiating an action. Effective supervision, timely guidance, and independence to explore new ideas bring forth good collaborative teamwork. As a friend, I share the feelings, aspirations and opinions of fellow educationists, as a philosopher I guide the teachers and I stand strong as a lighthouse, with discipline and integrity. In the larger good, my core values and as a mentor, my problem-solving approach resolve most of the issues within no time. My advice to the emerging leaders would be to inspire trust and loyalty amongst their team members and build strong relationships, motivate them and create a supportive work environment. Leaders who are open-minded, willing to listen to different perspectives, ideas and feedback and are willing to adapt their strategies make effective leaders. A visionary leader who is ready to face challenges, find innovative solutions and make well-informed decisions can steer the team members towards a common goal, while also providing guidance and direction to them. The three essentials to a leadership role that I can sum up with are Humility, Clarity and Courage.