KAI Early Years recently hosted the 'Around the World' Cultural & Language Festival, showcasing diversity and language learning. With families from 14 countries and 22 Indian states, KAI emphasizes multilingual and cultural education to nurture young minds. The event aimed to spark an interest in new languages and promote international mindedness, drawing on research highlighting the cognitive benefits of multilingualism. Participants enjoyed cultural exhibitions, interactive booths, and engaging activities representing various countries and states. The festival, made possible by enthusiastic parent volunteers, reinforced community engagement and KAI's commitment to revolutionizing early childhood education. KAI's vision focuses on nurturing well-rounded children equipped for a multicultural world through collaborative efforts and community support.Embracing the adage, "It takes a village to raise a child," KAI emphasizes the crucial role of community and collaboration in enabling the purposeful development of our most precious little ones through our shared purpose and collective efforts.

Source-Press Release