Q. Could you provide us with a brief overview of your professional background and areas of expertise?

I have a business background. I have learned the hard way how to run a successful business. I realised that there must be a clearly defined purpose in anything we do. Unless one is innovative and creates products that meet the needs of the times, business does not prosper. My strengths are in crafting a vision, working with a sense of purpose leading by example and inspiring people to succeed.

When I saw the struggle of parents to find good schools for the education of their children in my town Dasuya, it soon dawned upon me to think of making a school. I did not know how to build or manage a school. yet I was driven by a vision and ventured to make a school. I put together educational professionals and shared my vision of a good school. I led them to build one. Every child must get every opportunity to know his or her skills, talents and strengths to achieve not only academic success but also the mastery of life skills to succeed in life. 

Fuelled by the belief that every student deserves access to the highest standards of academic excellence and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we made this dream school come true. By integrating best practices and staying abreast of emerging trends, I have ensured that our institution remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of teaching and learning. Through strategic planning and a relentless pursuit of quality education, I aim to provide students in Dasuya with an educational experience that transcends boundaries, preparing them to excel in a globalised world. As the architect of this transformative vision, I take pride in steering Vasal Education towards new horizons, setting a standard of excellence that resonates internationally.  

Q. Could you highlight some of your key accomplishments in the field of education?

Having received multiple prestigious awards for providing a world-class educational experience, it has been my constant endeavour to transform the educational landscape in Punjab. Our first school in Dasuya represents the realisation of such an ambitious vision. The success of that school has been the cornerstone of my commitment and led me to build schools in other cities and towns and take quality education to the doors of aspiring students.

Each school represents a uniqueness and improvement meeting the educational needs and pupils’ aspirations.

At Vasal Education, we are dedicated to transforming education. We designed a new curriculum for new times, continue to embrace evolving technologies, focus on continuous professional development for our staff, and benchmark to best practices. We add value every year by introducing new opportunities, new facilities and facilitate organic growth of each school.

Q. What impactful changes or innovations have you implemented in the education segment, and what further advancements would you like to see or implement in the field of education?

In my journey within the education sector, I have implemented various innovations to enhance the learning experience. I have spearheaded transformative initiatives to elevate the learning experience. A standout innovation is the MOLD (Mobile Augmented Learning and Development) module, leveraging augmented reality to elucidate complex concepts interactively. This technological breakthrough has significantly enhanced students' understanding and retention of key subjects, marking a substantial stride in our commitment to pedagogical innovation.

Complementing technological advancements, we've embraced a global perspective by introducing international curricula. This strategic move helped to change the learning environment, personalised teaching and pedagogy. It helped to make our students aware of cultures and appreciate their differences. We prepare our students to own communities in which they live and become useful members in an interdependent world. Looking ahead, our vision involves pushing the boundaries of technology-driven education. We aspire to position Vasal Education schools at the forefront of educational advancements. Our schools work towards ensuring success for every student in a dynamically evolving global landscape.

Q. ​What advice can you give emerging education professionals/fellow educators regarding essential leadership qualities in this field?

For emerging education professionals and fellow educators, I would like to emphasise the essential leadership qualities that would help in making great schools. First and foremost, visionary thinking is crucial. Education is constantly evolving, and effective leaders must have a clear vision for the future of learning. Adaptability is also key, as the educational landscape is continually changing. It's essential to be open to new ideas and willing to adapt to meet the evolving needs of students and society. Effective communication and collaboration skills are vital for building strong relationships with students, parents, colleagues, and the broader community. Finally, a deep commitment to the well-being and personal development of students should underpin everything we do in education. Our ultimate goal is to empower our students with capabilities and capacities that will help them succeed in an ever-changing world. Our school leaders provide strong leadership characterized by empathy, dedication and innovation in the transformation of our schools.