Jharkhand Chief Minister Champai Soren unveiled two significant schemes during an event at Ranchi's Tana Bhagat Stadium, aimed at facilitating higher education for students in the state. The Guruji Student Credit Card scheme offers collateral-free education loans of up to Rs 15 lakh at a nominal annual interest rate, while the Manki Munda Scholarship encourages girls to pursue technical education by providing financial assistance. Soren emphasized the pivotal role of education in driving individual, societal, and state-level development. He personally awarded scholarships and credit cards to students at the inauguration event, symbolizing the government's commitment to enhancing educational opportunities. Furthermore, Soren highlighted the Mukhyamantri Shiksha Protsahan Yojna, which offers a monthly stipend to students for coaching expenses, ensuring financial constraints do not hinder educational pursuits. The launch of these schemes reflects the government's dedication to promoting education and innovation in Jharkhand, further exemplified by the inauguration of a new 3D theatre at the regional science center in Ranchi.

Source-Getty Images