The University Grants Commission (UGC) has outlined guidelines for state private universities to establish off-campus centerswithin their respective states. This move aims to standardize the application process and enhance transparency. Off-campus centersmust maintain quality standards comparable to the main campus. While no off-campus centers have been approved for the 471 private universities yet, privately-owned deemed-to-be universities have received permission. Additionally, state-private universities can now take over affiliated colleges operated by the same trust or company. Expansion in programs or departments requires prior approval from relevant authorities. To initiate specific programs at off-campus centers, private universities must obtain approval or a Letter of Intent from relevant statutory or regulatory bodies. Expansion in terms of programs, departments, and seat numbers requires prior approval from statutory authorities and the university's academic or executive council. These approvals must be publicly displayed on the university website, as stated in the UGC notice.

Source-Pixabay Images