Gopal Narayan Singh University in Bihar inaugurated a three-day international conference focused on advancing women's participation in research endeavors, themed "Research Conducted by Women." The event commenced with distinguished guests including Bihar Governor RajendraVishwanath Arlekar and Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Kumar Sinha. Governor Arlekar emphasized the crucial role of women in multidimensional research, drawing from India's educational heritage and highlighting the historical significance of institutions like Nalanda and Taxila. He commended the university's efforts in promoting women's empowerment through tailored programs. Deputy Chief Minister Sinha echoed traditional reverence for women in Indian culture and their indispensable contributions to knowledge and protection. He expressed optimism about the conference's potential to contribute to India's development agenda. The first day featured seminars across departments, focusing on women's skills. With representatives from over eight countries and over 800 delegates, including 28 international participants, actively engaging, the conference underscores women's pivotal role in research. Chancellor Gopal Narayan Singh praised Governor Arlekar's contributions to education quality improvement and highlighted the institution's efforts in fostering educational change in Bihar. He urged participants to take India's respect for women back to their countries.

Source-India Today