Vandana Arora, the founder principal of Nahar International School Mumbai, stands at the helm of over three decades of extensive experience in education, characterized by her unwavering dedication to holistic development and innovative pedagogy. Offering International Curricula such as IGCSE and IBDP, her leadership ensures a dynamic educational experience for students.

With a diverse educational background spanning Geography, Economics, History Education, and System Management, Ms. Arora brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to her role. Her journey from Humanities teacher to Head of High School and Principal underscores her versatile leadership skills and ability to drive educational excellence.

At Nahar International School, Ms. Arora champions a vision of creating a progressive, student-centered environment rooted in principles of equality, equity, and fairness. Under her guidance, the school has earned acclaim for its educational excellence and innovation, with initiatives such as global perspectives and project-based learning.

Under her guidance, the school has garnered acclaim for its educational excellence and innovation. Ms. Arora advocates for global perspectives and project-based learning while nurturing a sense of social responsibility in students through community service projects. Moreover, the prioritization of mental health and well-being for both students and staff underscores the school's commitment to nurturing a supportive and inclusive community. Through initiatives promoting mindfulness, cocurricular activities, and mental health support services, Ms. Arora ensures the holistic development of every individual in the school.

In summary, Vandana Arora's leadership embodies dedication, innovation, and a profound commitment to the holistic growth of the school community, solidifying her reputation as a highly esteemed figure in the education sector.