I believe in lifelong learning being a passionate educator. I’m grateful to my parents Dr. A F Pinto and Dr Grace Pinto for their vision, commitment and years of toil and hard work in setting up the Ryan Group. I grew up witnessing their journey and am grateful to them for the seeds they sowed in me. I’m acknowledged as a visionary thought leader for my significant contribution in enhancing the teaching-learning process thus developing effective student engagement. My focus has been on professional development, assessments and leadership. With experience across various state and national boards which include the CBSE, CISCE/ISC as also IB & IGCSE for the Ryan Global Schools, I have been instrumental in leveraging strengths across all of them for improved school performance. Working as an educationist with young minds have been fulfilling and the journey is marked with significant milestones like Singhania Education Excellence Awards 2023, Global Innovator Leader Award 2023 and Prof. Indira Parikh 50 Women in Education Leaders Award among others.