My supportive family and the school I studied in, which incidentally was started by my parents 29 years ago, instilled in me values that made me understand the responsibility to give back to society multifold and an insight about being passionate about getting better every day. 

I pursued my parents’ dreams of the best education not confined to school walls but one that ensures nurturing dreams and prepares students for global challenges. I wanted to give the world new trendsetters and create global citizens.

To build a better tomorrow, and inspire children to dream big and stay abreast of their time, our school encourages experiential learning to teach transferable skills like leadership, problem-solving, or innovation through tangible activities that help learners connect with the concept and blend into its canvas of learning new skills and knowledge.

As a testament to the service I have contributed in the education sector, I received numerous awards like Extraordinary Leadership, Influential Educator, Global Edupreneur, Top 20 Chairman Award and 50 Visionaries.