I grew up in rural Devon in the UK where my upbringing and family motto was to work hard, to do your best and to make the most of all the opportunities in life – an ethos I have tried to bring to my leadership roles. 

My motivation to become an educator was primarily driven by my ambition to work with people and to have an impact on other people’s lives. The best part of working at the school is being around children, young people and colleagues – it keeps me young!

Education is constantly changing so there are always aspects of IGCSE and IBDP that need reviewing. We made a few changes like, improved provision of boarding, PYP in Primary School, Changes in subject choices at IGCSE and IBDP and much more. The school is year-on-year in the top 50 IBDP schools globally. We have also secured 2nd place as a boarding school in India from Education World and EducationToday. On our social media, we promote and celebrate the success of our students' participation in many events across Bengaluru.