Every institution is the lengthened shadow of a single man said Ralph Waldo Emerson. My childhood and dreams were spent watching my larger-than-life father and mentor build an educational empire. Growing up I was active in the sports field and cocurricular activities which instilled a sense of teamwork and fair play. Though my childhood dream was to be a doctor, which I was able to achieve, and to this day practice, an equally challenging career path opened up to run my institution and impact thousands of students each year. Nothing impacts a person as much as a person who inspires and that alone has been my purpose to be a person that youngsters want to emulate with my motto for HCAS being ‘Be a HCASian be a high thinker for life’. Riding the AI and data science wave I’ve been able to incorporate this much in-demand courses to make our students more job-ready. Also, very practical-oriented value-added courses embedded along with the curriculum have immensely helped HCAS students get placed with lucrative jobs. We were recently awarded Best Arts and Science  College by T Mano Thangaraj, Honourable Minister of Milk and Dairy Development, Government of Tamil Nadu.