Raised amidst royal luxury but constrained by patriarchal norms, my aspiration for higher education was fuelled by admiration for influential women, like Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Condoleezza Rice, and even my own grandmother. Getting inspired by these women, I had the desire to transcend societal barriers. This led me to Delhi for further studies, igniting a passion to democratise education access. In 1995, I founded the Kalorex Group in Gujarat, introducing groundbreaking educational practices and technologies, including the iconic yellow buses for Delhi Public School – Bopal, Ahmedabad. My efforts culminated in the creation of MAYA, my AI virtual avatar, and the publication of my best-selling book, “Baby Steps to Big Dreams.” Today, the Kalorex Group educates over 88,000 students across 60+ institutes. My work has been recognised with several accolades, including the Secular India Award from former President of India, Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma, being named one of the “Visionaries of the $5 Trillion Economy” by Outlook Magazine, and being featured in Femina’s “Fabulous 40.” I've been acknowledged as one of India’s Outstanding Visionary Leaders by Business World magazine and awarded Woman of the Year by the American Bibliography Society.