I’m highly passionate about education. This motivated me to garner knowledge in various fields which is evident in my educational accomplishments. These qualifications and experiences abroad gave me clear insights into the educational initiatives that we started in our institutions. I believe that women have made significant contributions to the field of education in various capacities to impact a qualitative transformation. Education has transcended through a progressive path to move beyond static knowledge transfer to more dynamic forms of learning engagement. The essence of education is to empower, enrich, engage and enlighten. To achieve this, the role of an educator becomes very significant to facilitate and provide an enriching environment that allows for autonomy to look beyond the classroom and inculcate value for learning. Teaching has thus transitioned from mere transference of knowledge to being a facilitative and creative engagement. During my journey as an educator, I was conferred with numerous awards including Eduleader Award 2022 by Brain Feed, Education Stalwart of the Year 2022 by EducationToday and Lifetime Achievement Award – Women in Education by Biozone Technologies.