“Rural areas lack quality education. The teachers in government schools are extremely good, but for various reasons are unable to put to practise their best talent, the circumstances in government schools are not conducive for them, their good work doesn’t get recognised nor are the ones who are not up to the mark punished,” said Hyderabad City Police Commissioner K. Sreenivas Reddy while speaking at the launch of MASTI initiative by Yashoda Foundation. This initiative aims to champion the cause of underprivileged children’s education in music, arts, sciences, technology, and innovation. Mr. Reddy underscored the critical role of such NGOs in bridging this gap and empowering rural children, who represent the future. Santosh Kaveti, founder of Yashoda Foundation, articulated the organisation’s commitment to holistic education encompassing music, arts, science, technology, and innovation. He envisioned a future where every child, regardless of his or her background, can aspire to greatness.