Born into a family that deeply valued education and social contribution, my formative years were filled with an innate curiosity and a keen passion for learning. This led me to pursue a Bachelor's in Commerce and a Bachelor's in Education, followed by a Master's in Business Administration, forming a solid foundation for my approach to education.

I co-founded the Indo Scots Global Schools in and around Mumbai, where I introduced Social Emotional Learning (SEL) initiatives. These programmes focus on multisensory learning, emotional intelligence, and social skills, ensuring that children with diverse learning needs can excel both academically and socially.

My dedication to enhancing education has been recognised with numerous awards for both myself and the Indo Scots Global School. My strategic leadership and management skills have been further sharpened by prestigious certificate courses from IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard.

My journey in education is more than just the accolades or initiatives; it's about pioneering a future where education acts as a catalyst for social change, skill development, and global citizenship. As the Director, I stand firm in my belief that education can and should be a force for positive change, urging us all to envision and shape a more empowering, transformative, and inclusive educational landscape.