Being in education was part of my dream all throughout my childhood. I have always wanted to be with children and help them grow with responsibilities. My teacher who was my role model inspired me to take up leadership responsibilities and nourish the love for serving people on a larger scale. I have always believed in the words of the great activist ,Mr.Nelson Mandela "education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". We have introduced Unified learning curriculum which caters to every student irrespective of the learning ability. The presence of Interactive environment motivates students to believe in themselves and develop a sense of purpose . Imparting education isn't limited only to academics, it's an amalgamation of honing leadership qualities, practicing sports and love different art forms. The concept of value education has been extensively implemented. The School is recognised with awards like india's Top 100+ PSJA 2022, India's Top Emerging Schools Award by EducationToday, Emerging High-Potential School Award by Education World.