Stuti proudly proclaims herself as a "learner for life." From an early age, she nurtured a passion for becoming a teacher – a childhood dream that ignited her imagination and became a reality through her pursuit of a B.Ed. and her subsequent role as an educator.

However, a pivotal moment occurred when she discovered the book "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish." This inspirational read sparked a new ambition within her – to establish her own venture, her own school! In 2014, she took a leap of faith, and thus, Linden was born.

Inspired by the philosophy of Maria Montessori, Stuti strongly believes that the purpose of school education should extend beyond mere preparation for college; it should equip children for life. This belief drives Linden's educational approach, which is centred around "Experiential" and "Thinking-Oriented" learning.

Stuti is deeply honoured to have received several accolades in the field of education, ranging from being recognized as one of "India’s Greatest Leaders" by AsiaOne to being named one of "The 10 Most Inspiring Educationists to Follow" by InnerReview magazine.