My early career was shaped by a keen interest in addressing the evolving needs of education for the future. Since the inception of my tenure at HVBGA, my team and I have been working relentlessly to reimagine the ethos of teaching and learning in our school so as to make education egalitarian and a means of growth and development rather than an impersonal activity with the solitary goal of scoring points.

My team and I have challenged the traditional teacher-centric model, which limited students to passive roles and promoted rote learning. We introduced the RIGHT (Resilience Independence Growth Happiness Toolkit) Curriculum aimed at holistic student development and well-being. Additionally, we developed "ABC... The Indian Way," an interdisciplinary approach linking English education with various subjects, making learning more meaningful and relatable to Indian traditions and values.

Our efforts have been recognised with several awards, including the Great Place to Study award at the House of Commons in London, Asia’s Greatest Brands and Leaders Award in Singapore by Asia One, and many more.