The lure of a teacher’s mighty red pen toppled all aspirations of becoming an architect, which was where my aspirational parents were ushering me, eons ago! Having quit the path of STEM, I went straight into the classroom of a reputed Chennai school, as faculty for English… the sense of power soon transformed into a passionate sense of responsibility, that the children I work with each day, fostered in me. Experiential Learning is my main mantra and I strive to bring my students at various levels (Pre-Kindergarten to Pre-University) an assortment of experiences to create a vibrant environment of learning.  I’m fostering to put together a diverse team from multicultural backgrounds to create an annually replenished, indigenous curriculum, to explore skills, innovation and multidimensional learning pedagogies to ensure every student finds a suitable chrysalis in which they grow into individuals who are ready for this metamorphising world around them. I’m also the recipient of accolades from Manipal Institutions, DK Education, EducationToday, The Economic Forum, International Institute of Education and Management, Delhi, to name a few and have also been a speaker on many forums across the country.